List of Fermented Foods

Fermentation is a chemical process in which the sugars are converted into carbon dioxide and alcohol.  It is also a way to preserve and add flavor to the foods. The three main types of microorganisms used in fermentation are molds, yeast and bacteria. Processed foods are fermented through using yeast or bacteria. It is also a process used by the people a long time ago. It is part of the culture of the people especially in terms of foods and drinks. It is also a process which plays a vital role in cheese and bread making industry. Meats and vegetables can also be preserved by using fermentation.


Probiotic Foods List - Probiotics and Prebiotics are also essential in the process of fermentation and can be favourable to the human body system especially in maintaining the bad and good bacteria in the digestive system.  Both Probiotics and Prebiotics can accomplish important role in the digestive system. Probiotics is also used in the fermentation process of the food; it is usually added with active live cultures like yogurt, dietary supplements and soy yogurt. It is proven effective to control and cure some gastrointestinal. It is consider as fibers that nourishes the growth of good bacteria. Fermented foods that contain probiotics can help to improve the digestive system of a person. Probiotic bacteria can be found to many dairy products and fermented products. Prebiotics is the one responsible in making changes in the fermented foods. It allows some changes in the fermented foods in the composition and in the gastrointestinal that can give benefits to the body of the people. Prebiotics   can help stimulate and nourish the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system of a person and it is claimed to be good. In the fermentation process of foods Prebiotics can be added. Through consuming fermented foods with Probiotic and Prebiotic is necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Fermented foods are foods preserved and produced by the microorganism. Usually the shelf life of these foods is longer. The fermentation process also can add layers in the complexity of the foods.  Through fermentation the digestibility of the foods increase and it is a reliable preservation technique that most of the people used. Fermentation is good because it can add flavor to the foods and characteristic aroma.

Here are some of the fermented foods:

  • Beer

It is the most famous fermented product.  It is made from mashed grains such as wheat at hops. It us is usually made first by boiling barley to release the sugar. To convert the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide yeast is the added ingredient. The process of beer fermentation can last to several months.

  • Bread

In the baking industry fermentation process plays a vital role. Yeast is very important to process of making bread and other baked foods. Through process of fermentation carbon dioxide gas are produced which lead to rise the dough of the bread. Baking can become easier through the process of fermentation. By doing the process of fermentation it can also add good texture and flavor of the bread. It also makes the shelf life of the baked foods longer.

  • Cheese

Cheese is also a product produced through the process of fermentation. Bacteria which can be found in milk can turn milk into lactic acid and lactose. If the rennet will be added to fermenting milk it will eventually turn into a cheese.

  • Yogurt

It is a semi- solid dairy product created through fermentation of milk. Product such as sour cream and buttermilk are also formed by fermentation process. It can be cultured into two specific bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Stretoccus Thermophillus.  In the grocery stores there are lot of yogurt available but plain yogurt milk that contains cultured milk is highly recommended to drink. It also contains Probiotic which is good to the digestive system.

  • Pepperoni, Sausage and Salami

Processed meat products like Pepperoni, Sausage and Salami are also formed by fermentation. By fermentation, it can add flavours to the meat. To ferment meat you can add spices and salt then allow curing naturally without putting additives.  The process of fermentation also helps to remove the extra moisture of the meat and gives characteristic color to the meat.

  • Soy Sauce

It is a product formed through a very controlled process of fermentation. To make Soy sauce, soy beans are being saturated in the water and steamed at a high temperature. Wheat is also added to put extra aroma to the soy sauce. The mixture of wheat and soy will be fermented with bacteria in the presence of elevated amount of salt. The salt can help to maintain the growth of bacteria during the process of fermentation of the Soy Sauce. The fermentation can also make the shelf life of the soy sauce longer.

  • Coffee

It is one of the most favorite drinks of the people. It is produced through the fermentation process. After picking up the coffee beans, they are crushed to lose the pulp then it will be under the process of fermentation. The length and the technique in fermentation determine the flavor of the coffee.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate products are formed under the fermentation process. The process of fermenting chocolates is crucial because it requires removing the tannins that are bitter.

  • Tea

Some teas are oxidized while other teas are not. The methods used in producing tea can affect its flavor.

  • Wine

The grapes and yeast are mixed to produce wine. The fermentation process of the wine can take several months also to achieve the desired flavor and aroma.

  • Vinegar

It is produced by fermenting wine which contain high amount of bacteria. It is very easy to make vinegar at home by using leftover culture and wine.

  • Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is made from mashed fish soaked in salt and then fermented.

  • Kefir

Kefir is tart yogurt that originated from Russia. It is a fermented drink that has good bacteria and yeasts. The yeasts and bacteria work together to give rich and natural probiotic element. It can be produce by blending coconut juice and milk.

  • Fermented Tofu

It is also called as fermented Bean Curd. It is a form of processed Tofu originated from East Asia. The ingredients of this Tofu are soybeans, rice wine, sesame oil and salt. Fermented Foods List

These fermented foods are useful to the body of human. Foods made from fermentation are good to the human body because it contain nutrients. Through eating fermented foods and goods the human body can get enough vitamins and nutrients. Fermented goods are also full of beneficial lactic acid bacteria which are good to the human’s body. Fermented foods that contain Probiotic and Prebiotic can help to maintain the proper balance of good and bad bacterial in the digestive system of a human.

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